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Name:   Stewart Orangeburg (now Teddy)  
Description:   ~ 4 yrs old ~ 27 lb ~ Fostered in Baltimore City ~

He is an incredible dog! I’d first describe him as sweet & loving. He is a ball of energy but also enjoys plenty of snuggle time.

He is smart & you can tell he listens to “leave it” and “down” even if he doesn’t follow through all the time! We have even started a successful “sit” for treats and are attempting this for pets. He absolutely loves affection and will jump up to ask for more.

He is an enthusiastic tracker of squirrels at the park! Sniffing all around and barking to let me know he is on the scent!

At home, he enjoys stuffy toys and will help himself to the toy box. He is very curious and will sniff around everywhere and watch out of windows. When he is not at play, he sprawls out on the couch of curls up in a pile of pillows. If you are close enough to curl up with, he will lay his head down on you, if not close enough he will lay facing you and stare at you adoringly. He also naps on his back with all paws up which is fun to see and makes a lot of “hmm” noises.

He really is a loving boy. He wants to meet all people and loves saying hi to other dogs. One dog barked at him instead of wanting to say hi and he seemed so confused! He gives space to reactive dogs and dogs like my resident senior who are fine with him around but prefer their own space. While he loves meeting and being around other dogs, he has not shown interest in playing with them when they try.

His sweetness even shows at bath time. I was prepared for escape attempts —- but he stood and sat patiently and even laid in the tub as the water drained and he was being dried. As expected, he enjoyed being towel dried and sat like a babydoll in my lap wrapped in his towels.

He mainly follows me room to room but occasionally hangs out in a bed in a different room which I take as a great sign that he will settle more on his own. His increasing calmness leads me to think he will be fine free-ranging the house instead of being in a crate when home alone.

I consider him house trained for bathroom time. There was one #1 in the house right away which could have been just nervousness. After that, zero accidents!

He would thrive with someone/s who will give him a world of activity and affection. He is an incredible boy!

Here's a link to a video of Stewart in his new foster home. click to see the video
posted 07/14/22 and updated 07/31/22