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Name:   Liam Suffolk  
Description:   ~ 6 yrs ~ 34 lb ~ Fostered in Silver Spring, MD ~

What a good natured fella! Liam is a staff favorite where he was boarding, so we're not kidding when we say that he's friendly and pretty well adjusted. Here is what his foster mom has to say about him.

Liam really is a love and is coming along well with walking on a leash. He hasn't been baying nearly as much lately - (not sure why unless he and the others have finally chased off voles or mice who may have lived in the yard somewhere). He has become very affectionate and loves long petting sessions. He has opened up at the dog park and is so happy to go there. He now rarely poops or pees in the house. He doesn't dig or try to escape, He now understands about taking turns, not being jealous of my other two, does fine in the locked crate while I'm at school, and often chooses to go into his crate to nap or chew on a stuffed animal. We are working on "come" which I think is improving slowly, but he's a major tracker/scenter, gets into his own world, and needs to be "captured" in the yard sometimes.

He hasn't bonded with my other two as my previous fosters have, but there's no animosity as far as I can tell.

His health is excellent, good weight, shiny coat, eats well, he's happy and relaxed in the house.

He will make a lovely addition to someone's family.

Posted: 5/3/22 and updated 06/05/22