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Name:   Mabel Spottsylvania  
Description:   ~ 6 to 8 yrs old ~ 30 lb ~ fostered in Sykesville, MD ~

Our Mabel is just full of surprises. Her life had obviously not been one of comfort and plenty and we were prepared to take on some medical issues with her. One or two nights into her first days in her foster home, her foster mom awoke to two newborn puppies in Mabel's bed. Neither the shelter nor two different vets had noticed. Surprise! Mabel was a very good and attentive mom. Gilbert and Sully (her babies) have been adopted and it was finally time to address Mabel's issues. Meanwhile, she got spunkier and happier by the day. Missy Mabel had a few mammary masses (benign) removed and she is now ready to throw off the chains of repeated pregnancies and motherhood and loudly and proudly announce her newly liberated self to the world. Mabel has got it going on! She's happy, healthy, affectionate and engaging. Come meet her! If you've an interest in adopting our reborn girl, please submit an adopter profile to

Posted 04/04/22 and updated 09/23/22