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Name:   Wyatt Onslow  
Description:   ~ 4 yrs old ~ 19 lb ~ fostered in Ellicott City, MD ~

This handsome pup is a very sweet, gentle, and good-natured boy. He is a super cute, medium-energy dog who loves exploring new areas and romping around the backyard, preferably with a furry friend. He gets along well with other dogs, does fine with older kids and ignores our cat. He does have a mischevious streak and sometimes acts more like a puppy, having been described as a "wiggle butt" with a tail that often goes in overdrive. He is a Houdini, with a special talent for escaping from wire-fenced yards (as well as closed crates) and playing "catch me if you can," so needs a fenced yard that is well-secured and beagle-proof (for example, a chain-linked fence or privacy fence). He's made good progress with housetraining and usually does ok if he is let out frequently.

Wyatt was heartworm positive and underwent treatment in early June 2022.

Wyatt is a special-needs dog with an anxiety issue. He has separation anxiety and gets very anxious when left by himself in a crate or room, which has caused behavioral issues. He was recently assessed by a behavioral specialist, who has kindly put together recommendations for diminishing his anxiety, including an enrichment program and medication. We suspect the poor boy was mistreated in his former life. Wyatt would best be served by an adopter who is home most of the time, patient and understanding, and who is willing to take the time to help him. Wyatt would also benefit a lot from having another dog in the home. The behavioral specialist has kindly offered to provide continued support to whoever adopts him.

Wyatt is a gem and will make a wonderful companion. We love him from head to tail. This dear boy needs a helping hand to be the happiest that he can be, but has a lot of love to give. posted March, 2022 and updated 07/10/22