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Name:   Caleb Suffolf  
Description:   ~ 5 yrs old ~ 32 lb ~Fostered in Gaithersburg, MD ~

Caleb the paradox is an aloof cuddle bug who loves people, wants to know what they’re up to all the time, and is content to curl up while sharing the sofa or bed but will completely ignore anyone if they ask to cuddle with him.

He loves to explore the fenced yard, and he finds new experiences exciting, but his heartworm disease and related lung condition (now treated) required that he remain quiet much of his time in rescue, so he hasn’t had a chance to do much exploring beyond his foster home. He’s been easy on the leash, so his foster is certain he’d be an enthusiastic walking or hiking companion. Content to just settle in and enjoy the ride, he is a quiet and easy traveler.

Even though Caleb is smitten with the resident Betty beagle, and he’s polite when meeting other dogs, he would do best as an only pet. He can become jealous if other dogs spend too much time with his people…and sometimes he thinks just a minute or two is too much time.

When Caleb entered rescue, his health had to be stabilized before anesthesia, so his neuter was delayed. Despite the postponed neuter and months of prednisone associated with his heartworm treatment, housetraining has progressed nicely. While battling a urinary tract infection, he was compliant when his foster put diapers on him, and he willingly goes into his crate if asked. Very food-motivated (good for training) and taller than the average beagle (maybe not even all beagle), he has the height and desire to counter surf and has done so with occasional success.

For more pictures of Caleb, check out the Facebook page he shares with other BRSM foster dogs.
posted 03/26/22 and updated 10/17/22