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Name:   Gus Onlslow  
Description:   ~ 4 yrs old ~ 22 lb ~ Fostered in Berkley Springs, WV ~

What a doll baby! Very sweet, yet very scared little guy. Picked up as a stray, Gus is a bit physically hampered by a long ago fractured pelvis. He walks and doesn't appear to be in pain, but we have to wonder how he must have suffered. It's possible that he was hit by a car, but how did he fend for himself in that condition? We just have to think that someone knew and just didn't bother taking him to the vet. Well, he's here now and we'll see to it that he never knows that kind of neglect again. Further vetting will decide what needs to be done or if we should just leave well enough alone. Stay tuned!

Posted 02/20/22