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Name:   Henry Suffolk  
Description:   ~ 3 yrs old beagle mix ~ 45 lb ~ Fostered in Baltimore, MD ~

Henry is a big easy-going guy that loves people and other dogs. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. He is a real love. My two take his toys and he just shrugs his big shoulders. He is a little timid with sudden movements. We feed him a bit away from our two because they are both likely to stick their noses in his bowl and he will let them. His only negative is that he is an early riser – 5:30 is his preferred breakfast hour.

He is happy to sleep in his bed or just hang out but loves loves loves being outside. So, I think a good-sized fenced yard is needed. We are working on leash skills (he is a puller and very scent driven). He does need a fair amount of exercise so a few walks a day plus good yard time with another dog would be ideal.

He is housebroken, gets along with any dog he has met and loves people. He has been in a house with cats and is a little interested but mostly ignores them. He would love to have a pal to race around with – I think he would be best suited to a home with another dog to give him some structure and confidence.
posted 01/28/22 and updated 06/19/22