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Name:   Bogo Warren (or Bogie)  
Description:   ~ 21 lb ~ 4 yrs old ~ fostered in Gaithersburg, MD ~

A little cutie who is rather shy. His foster mom says he’s very timid but should warm up in the right situation. Here, he sort of cowers in the corner all day, but sleeps with me in the bed at night. In the morning before we’ve gotten out of bed, he’s super affectionate and playful, but then things get going, and he turns back into scaredy cat Bogie for the day. He doesn’t even like my yard, he runs out for potty, and then bolts back inside like a little jet, so I think he’d be great with just some leash walks. He only seems to need to potty 3 times a day – he’s definitely on a schedule.

For updates about Bogie, check out the Facebook page he shares with his foster companions: Facebook page for some videos, updates on his progress, and more photos
posted 01/03/22 and updated 01/17/22