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Name:   Tracy Hughes (now Gemma)  
Description:   ~ 29 lb ~ 3 yrs old ~ fostered in Hyattsville, MD ~

Tracy is a total lovebug whose tail has rarely stopped wagging since she got here. She reminds me of me when I first get to a fancy hotel -- running hither and thither looking for all the cool things around.

We had a good and (yay!) productive walk this morning. She's definitely a scenthound, her nose is always to the ground, but I think she has some sighthound in her from the pointy shape of her schnoz. She's got a delicacy, too, like maybe there's min-pin or mini greyhound in her.

She's a Velcro dog, that's for sure. I'm hoping to introduce her to my neighbor's adorable little Westie sometime today or tomorrow so she has some canine companionship.

Tracy is heartworm positive and we will be treating her soon.

Here's a link to a video of Tracy playing ball. click to see the video posted 11/20/21 and updated 11/23/21