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Name:   Luke Franklin  
Description:   ~ 28 lb ~ 10 yrs old ~ fostered in Phoenix, MD ~

Part of a Bonded Pair with Bo Franklin

Luke is part of a bonded pair of Beagle brothers. Luke & Bo are very sweet and love people but everything is new and different so they are rather nervous. Luke is the more timid one but he is more curious in the house and loves to know what is happening at all times. Luke is very dependent on his brother and doesn't like to be separated for long - he will push his way into Bo's crate just to be close. They are sleeping in separate crates next to each other at night and sleep through the night with no problem.

They have had a lot of changes in their lives recently and will need time to adjust. They love attention and being brushed and will be wonderful companions but will probably do best in a quieter home without a lot of noises to startle them, at least until they are more confident in their surroundings.
posted 11/09/21 and updated 11/10/21