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Name:   Luke Franklin   
Description:   ~ 28 lb ~ 8 to 10 yrs old ~ Fostered in Sykesville, MD ~

Part of a Bonded Pair with Bo Franklin, but Bo passed away on 4/18/24.

Meet Bo and Luke - the fabulous beagle brothers! These two are bonded and must be adopted together. They are estimated to be between 8 and 10, but foster mom thinks they could be a bit younger. Luke is slightly more reserved than Bo, but both are up for a good time. They are extremely affectionate to people and are perfect snugglers...both with their human(s) and with each other. Bo and Luke excel at all things beagle - eating, sniffing, baying, napping, and more eating. They need a home with a secure yard as they love to sniff and explore. A yard would not be needed with consistent walks, and given their creativity in escaping, they might be better without one. They absolutely LOVE their walks!! The boys have pleasant hound voices, but they WILL use them when on a scent, so townhome, apartment living, and neighbors who don't appreciate houndsong are not options for Bo and Luke. Bo has occasional mild seizures which are well controlled with medication. They are learning to walk on the leash and love going to the park for a good sniff and meander. They do wonderfully with other dogs, and are being fostered with Ben who is their constant playmate (in case anyone wants a ready-made beagle starter pack!) They are good in the crate and are fine being crated together when necessary. The lucky person or family who adopts Bo and Luke will never be bored, lonely, or lack entertainment ever again. They are true gems with a ton of love to give!

Posted 11/09/21 and updated 02/05/22