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Name:   Pusheen  
Description:   Maybe 1 yr old ~ fostered in Potomac, MD ~

This beautiful gray tabby cat is still very young (Maybe one year according to the vet) but has been through a lot already. Her previous owner moved and just left all her cats, who were neither spayed or neutered outside to fight for themselves. The little cutie got pregnant and already had a litter of 3 kittens (they can get pregnant as young as 6 month old) . The people who moved in, suddenly faced the challenge of taking care of more than 50 cats. The cats live outside and can find shelter in a barn but dealing with the challenge of getting all these kittens neutered/spayed and vaccinated is a challenge for the family who moved into this farmhouse. It is getting cold outside and there are hungry predators in the rural area where Pusheen came from.

This beautiful gray tabby is a favorite, so the kind lady at the farm allowed me to take her with me, and try finding her a good loving home. She is a funny little girl who has a liking for fast food and snacks which led to her Nickname "French Fry" at the farm where she lived as a "feral" outdoor cat. Her foster is calling her "Pusheen" for the same reason, but the kitty is not chubby like the famous cartoon character. She is eating good quality cat food and she loves that too. She enjoys getting petted and brushed, and she will come up to you and put her paws on your shoulders to give a hug. She meows to get attention and can be a talker at times. She is curious and nice around dogs, which made her an "honorary Beagle". She also uses her litter box and got a clean bill of health from the vet. She is spayed, vaccinated and tested FeLV/FIV negative. Please contact us if you can give this sweet and affectionate kitty a forever home. The standard adoption donation will be lowered for her.
posted 10/31/21