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Name:   Wylie Hughes  
Description:   ~ 6-8 yrs old ~ 35 lbs ~ Fostered in Ellicott City, MD ~

Cute beagle alert! Wylie is a gentle, friendly, good-natured soul who is very easy to love. His tail goes into wagging overdrive at the smallest kindness, or even upon seeing us. He has the cutest ears, and his paws are a bit big for his body, like a puppy’s. He’s more of a couch potato but enjoys being outdoors, and his beagle nose goes into detective mode when exploring new surroundings. He gets along with (or ignores) other dogs and ignores the cat. We are working on housetraining; he does well in a crate and loves blankets. Wylie has a special talent for snoring…loudly. He has lots of love to give and would make a great pet.

Posted: 10/26/21