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Name:   Ophelia Gastonia (now Annie)  
Description:   ~ 8 yrs old ~ 21 lbs ~ Fostered in Towson, MD ~

Why would someone throw this sweet girl from a moving vehicle? WHY? We will never understand how cruel people can be to other living things. Fortunately, someone saw and took her little self to the vet. Always a sucker for a sad story, we claimed her right away, although it took awhile for her to heal and find transport.

Ophelia has been with us a couple of weeks now and she is settling in nicely. Her first days were filled with pacing and endless exploring, almost to the point of "cautious hyperactivity," but she now knows the lay of the land and is willing to nap or quietly observe what the humans are up to. She loves human affection and is a cuddler extraordinaire, sitting on foster dad's lap until his legs fall asleep. She is curious and has now discovered that the pass through fireplace makes a dandy shortcut between the dining room and the living room, not concerning herself with the sooty paw prints she leaves in her wake. Her staff takes care of that sort of thing.

When she first arrived we noticed that she was bossy with the resident dogs, but she has now settled into an easy routine with them and has been observed sharing a bed with one or two. She figured out how to go out the dog door on day #1 and how to come back inside on day #2. She's doesn't waste her energy barking at falling leaves and passing squirrels, but will bark to let you know she wants out of the crate. She is semi-reliably potty trained. If she's taken outside every few hours, she's good about it. She is currently crated at night and 8 hours is a bit of a stretch for her little bladder, but if you carry her outside when she first wakes up she's pretty good about staying dry in there.

Ophelia hasn't had all that many pleasant encounters with humans and it's going to take some time to get over her past. She currently keeps her head down and her tail tucked when inside the house. In fact, she needs encouragement to cross the threshold from outside to inside. She manages to look quite pathetic and her foster family has taken to calling her Eeyora. Outside (when the humans are out of sight) she trots with her head high and tail up. If her humans are outside with her, she follows them everywhere they go. This girl is just starved for affection.

Although she gets along well with the resident pack of beagles, she can be very choosy with her canine companions and we think that she would do very well as an only dog for someone who is home more often than not. She's an excellent companion and sounding board, allowing you to talk without offering any unsolicited and unwanted opinions. As she recovers from heartworm treatment, it has not been difficult to keep her calm. She's fairly low energy, although that may change as she starts to feel better. Her one vice is that she shreds paper, but if you've been postponing getting a paper shredder AND have been wanting a beagle companion, Ophelia could be the answer to your prayers.

If you'd like to adopt Ophelia, please contact Her heartworm treatment should be over by the first week of December.

Posted: 10/24/2021