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Name:   Ophelia Gastonia (now Annie)  
Description:   ~ 9 yrs old ~ 19 lbs ~ Fostered in Towson, MD ~

Why would someone throw this sweet girl from a moving vehicle? WHY? We will never understand how cruel people can be to other living things. Fortunately, someone saw and took her little self to the vet. Always a sucker for a sad story, we claimed her right away.

Annie has been with us for a long time, having been adopted out once and then returned due to human health issues in that home. Now that she's been back, we've had plenty of time to observe and get to know her a bit better.

Annie is not particularly playful, but content to putter around and check in to see what the humans are up to. She's quiet for the most part, not usually interested in alerting us when a squirrel passes or leaves fall. She's also silent when someone knocks on the door, but that might be because the other dogs take that job so seriously. Annie can be choosy with her canine companions, and ultimately she would be best as an only dog we think, although she would prefer her human to be home more often than not. Although Annie likes her humans to be close at hand, she's not especially cuddly. She can be aloof. When the family and other dogs are settled in the living room and watching TV, Annie sometimes goes off into another room for a snooze. Her current home has a dog door and she has been allowed to come and go as she pleases. She has not had an accident in the house for months, but that won't be the case if she has to depend on someone to let her in and out. She does like to take a stroll around the yard a few times a day, so a securely fenced yard is definitely on her wish list. She does not know how to walk on lead.

Annie is very scared of thunderstorms and fireworks, and unlike most dogs who pant and shake, she paces relentlessly and won't be consoled, so when a storm is brewing we do give her some calming meds. (This is where we'd like her people to either work from home or be retired. We'd hate to think of her being alone when a storm hits.)

She is very good with the visiting grandchildren, but would probably prefer a home where small fast moving and loud youngsters are the exception rather than the rule. She likes to wander in the yard, so a securely fenced on would be optimal. Older children that will respect her boundaries should be fine.

If you are interested in adopting Annie, please complete the adopter profile located here: , and when completed, email it to

Posted: 7/2/22