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Name:   Ophelia Gastonia  
Description:   ~ 8 yrs old ~ 21 lbs ~ Fostered in Towson, MD ~

Why would someone throw this sweet girl from a moving vehicle? WHY? We will never understand how cruel people can be to other living things. Fortunately, someone saw and took her little self to the vet. Always a sucker for a sad story, we claimed her right away, although it took awhile for her to heal and find transport.

She is still settling in and learning the ways of yet another set of humans, so more information will be forthcoming, but here's what we've figured out so far: 1.) She's no slouch. If she's 8, she's a spry 8. She's curious about her new surroundings and has explored every nook and cranny that she can reach. Too short to reach any counter tops, as her foster mom types away at the kitchen table, she will put her paws on the edge and stretch to see what's happening up there. She is very, very busy. 2.) She is not particularly food motivated, so if you want a beagle who will shake, roll over, sit, stay, fetch your newspaper and help with laundry, she's not your girl. That may change in time. 3.) She is quite submissive with humans. She loves to be close and if you need someone to help you hold down the sofa, she can make that happen for you. 4.) In HR parlance, she "has leadership capabilities" when it comes to other dogs in the home. To be more blunt, she is bossy. She would be very happy being the center of your whole universe, but is willing to spend the rest of her life making your other dog/s get out of their bed/s because that's where SHE wants to lay. Seriously... she's been in her foster home for one day and this is her new hobby. Resident dogs aren't thrilled with the arrangement. 5.) She's smart. Or half smart. She knows how to go out the dog door, but hasn't figured out the door swings both ways. It's early yet. Tomorrow she'll probably nail it. 6.) She thinks posing for pictures is a huge waste of her time, and "If they put one more stupid collar or scarf on me, I'm going to hold my breath till I pass out!"

We don't know what Ophelia's circumstances were before being tossed from a truck (how good could it have been?), but since then she's spent a long time at the noisy and chaotic clinic both healing and awaiting transport, occasionally going home with various vet techs. She has not had a chance to settle anywhere, so this is the first opportunity she's had to exhale. She's a very good girl, though. She's fairly quiet so far and very much a cuddler. For now she is being crated at night. She sleeps through and doesn't make a peep.

If you'd like to adopt Ophelia, please contact The sooner she finds permanent residency, the better. She's pretty tired of the rug being yanked out from under her. We do recommend a single dog household for her.

Posted: 10/11/2021