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Name:   BB Suffolk  
Description:   ~ 8 yrs old ~ 25 lb ~ fostered in Joppa., MD ~

BB is a sweet and energetic little guy with a non-stop wagging tail! It’s only been a few days, but his foster Mom says he gets along well with other dogs and likes everyone he meets. He likes to sleep in his crate at night and will go in and out of it during the day, but prefers the company of his humans. He LOVES to go for walks and does very well on a leash. He is very playful and likes running around with his toys. Yes, he zoomies! Like most Beagles, he is very food motivated and his food manners aren’t the best, but he is a fast learner and doing better every day.

BB would do great in a home with other dogs or on his own with lots of attention, and daily exercise is a must!
posted 09/27/21 and updated 10/03/21