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Name:   Crockett Onslow (now Max Hudson)  
Description:   ~ 1-2 yrs ~ 25 lbs ~ Fostered in Gaithersburg. MD

Crocket (sorry, we are calling him Zeke since he doesn't respond to any name right now and we needed something distinct from our other 4 beagles) has settled in quite nicely over the past couple days and I've gotten a good taste of his personality and likes/dislikes. Since I haven't heard anything about his adoption prospects, I wanted to pass along this intel to help choose what might be the best type of home for him.

Crocket/Zeke is a very sweet, very energetic pup, very much still in the manic, biting/jawing, spastic puppy stage. He seems way closer to 1 year than 2 years. That said, he may not do well right now with a house with young kids. He is very nippy and he is very scared by quick movements toward/around him. Of course I am working with him on this.

Crocket/Zeke is also a true pack beagle, happiest when he is squashed against at least one or two other dogs. When I try to separate him and give everyone a little downtime alone, he has an ear-piercing cry that doesn't stop even if you leave the house (you can hear him down the street). The second he has a friend with him, it stops. Of course, this could change, but I do think he would be happiest in a house with at least one other dog. If he is home alone all day with no dog and/or no humans for companionship, I could see him becoming destructive (chewing)--and being very loud.

Crocket/Zeke hasn't had much training on lead, but he LOVES walks. My crew and I go on 4 walks a day (different groupings at different times) and he has joined in on all of them. It definitely takes the edge off his puppy energy. He won't go to the bathroom on walks, so he needs a very secure back yard to do his duty in. And he is INSANE about squirrels. He practically has a seizure and screams and pulls when he sees one. He would definitely take off for good chasing one if he had the chance.
Posted 9/23/2021 and updated 09/30/21