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Name:   Toby Edgecomb  
Description:   ~ 5 yrs old ~ 23 lb ~ fostered in Silver Spring, MD ~

What a fun-loving dog. He loves to run free at the dogpark and always finds or is found by a dog of any size to cavort with - running and wrestling - an active and socialization opportunity he will love to continue. This is the only place I've heard him bark.

He sleeps well and long on my bed with my other 2 beagles. They get along well, sometimes playing together. He is smart and cuddly and very fun loving. For me, he is a perfect balance between active and chilled - investigating & running and then napping, and sleeping through the night. He is eager to please and will respond to your training when you are consistent and give hugs for reinforcement. He is very good on a leash now and responds to "wait" when we stop for a car or one of the other dogs. "Come" is getting there. He will stop immediately upon hearing "no" in a firm voice, and then he responds well to redirection. He has a very good grasp of potty training.

He does want to chew and needs to be provided with multiple toys and/or big sticks, available all the time. He will stay a small beagle but will fill out more as he gets to a healthy weight. He would do OK living in an apartment and would be alright as an only dog as long as he got enough attention, but he would be happiest with a canine companion (or possible a playful cat? he hasn't had any feline interactions since I've had him) and a yard. I feed him at least twice a day while he is gaining weight, but he has been trained not to beg, and only eats from his own bowl in his crate. In my opinion, he will not need the crate for long, as long as his human family learns what to keep out of reach when they're away (shoes, papers, etc)

The vet says he's 4 yrs old, but i think he's only 2 or 3 based on his chewing obsession and lack of experience with just about everything.
posted 09/18/21 and updated 10/02/21