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Name:   Leslie Gilroy (now Lily)  
Description:   ~ 6-7 yrs ~ 21 lb ~ Fostered in Westminster, MD ~

Leslie is a hunter/breeder. Although we are never thrilled with that circumstance, we are delighted that without fail her owner makes sure his no-longer-useful dogs get into rescue, rather than dropping them at the shelter (or worse). Leslie is joyful. She's never really known the creature comforts of indoor living, but she has not suffered abuse and she is simply.... joyful. From her photoshoot we learned that she must have been very good at what she was bred to do. With her nose to the ground, she headed straight for the thicket - and although those photos aren't the best, she is clearly in her element.

We think that Leslie would be happiest in a home with another outgoing dog (she's been part of a pack her entire life) and with a securely fenced yard where she can explore. She is beautiful, happy, healthy and full of energy.

If you would like to adopt Leslie, please contact

Posted: 9/11/2021