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Name:   Cream Cheese Floyd (now Ruby)  
Description:   ~ 1 - 2 yrs old ~ 26 lb ~ fostered in Linthicum, MD ~

Cream Cheese has been doing really well. She has settled in and one thing is for certain, she loves human companionship. She loves cuddling and though she may be a little big for your lap, she somehow finds a way to fit. She will lay in your arms! Anyone looking for a sweet, cuddly dog can stop right here. She's super sweet! She has also discovered she likes toys. Rope toys, plush toys, she doesn't discriminate. She will destroy the plush ones though LOL! She loves trying to play with our little guy beagle, however, I think sometimes he is saying, "you are too much woman for me" LOL. She is learning to play more at his level which is awesome. She has not had any accidents for a really long time so we think she has the house training down.

She does get along really well with her foster home dogs, but we learned that she is afraid of other dogs she doesn't know so she barks to sound tough. She has met a couple of dogs who were willing to let her meet them despite her tough exterior. It went well and it just shows us that she can get along with other dogs. She seemed really interested once she realized they were good neighbor dogs LOL.

She is so ready for a forever home. If you are looking for a sweet, loving, dog, Cream Cheese really does fit the bit. She needs a little patience, but trust us, she is totally worth it! Remember, she needs a 6 foot tall fence because she earned her nickname "Pogo Stick" for a reason! She is exuberant and probably should be in a family with older children.
posted 08/18/21 and updated 01/23/22