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Name:   Dolly Edgecombe  
Description:   ~ 10 yrs old ~ 17 lbs ~ fostered in Jessup, MD ~

Sweet little girl who just needs a little spot in your home and in your heart.

She was so happy to be released from the vet's office that she nearly ran out the door before I could get her harness and leash on her securely. She is a very calm girl in the house but she loves to jump and run around outdoors. I believe she was previously and outdoor dog. She is fine around my two older male beagles. She seems younger than 10 years old. She has no food aggression at all. In fact, she is a very slow eater and picks at her food every chance she gets. (searching to throw her Doxy pills out of her food bowl). She has Doxy pills two twice a day thru 8/20 (this is the pre-treatment for heartworm disease). She is very calm and as of yet she has never barked. Sweet and gently dog which is probably why she was named Dolly. She does not pay with any toys and she does not particularly like blankets. She gets up at 6:30 every morning and likes to go out to potty when she gets up. She walks fine on a leash. She has never chewed up anything in the house and has not interest in picking through things either. Dolly is a very small dog. She has been no trouble what so every.
posted 08/05/21 and updated 08/14/21