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Name:   Maximilian Howard  
Description:   ~ 8 yrs old ~ 50 lb ~ Pointer mix ~ fostered in Sykesville, MD ~

Meet Max! Max is an "honorary" beagle, but we could not pass up those beautiful floppy ears. Our best guess is that Max is mainly Pointer with a little herding dog thrown in. He's 7-8 years old, about 45 lbs, and neutered. Max is an active dog with an active mind, so he will need an owner who appreciates these things about him. He loves toys, games and running, but will do ANYTHING for string cheese! He's got a fun personality, loves people, and takes treats oh so nicely. Max knows a few simple commands and with the magic cheese is learning more.

As a hunting dog, Max does have a strong prey drive, so we will not place him with cats, small dogs, small furry others, or reptiles. Max will do well in a home with a large, securely fenced yard. He didn't have the best life up until now, but thanks to the good folks at the shelter and Beagle Rescue he is on the way to finding his forever family.
posted 06/23/21 and updated 07/03/21