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Name:   Lenny Greenville  
Description:   ~ 25 lbs ~ 10 yrs old ~ fostered in Gaithersburg, MD ~

Lenny is NOT the guy for you if you want perfectly positioned accent rugs or don’t want to be constantly hiding your dirty laundry, picking up toys, or saying, “You ALREADY told me that!” But Lenny IS perfect if you want a sweet and easy-going but mildly spicy senior who just wants to add a little zest to your life; he’ll also tell you lots of stories that you don’t entirely understand…on repeat! :-)

Lenny’s foster mom reports that he LOVES toys — he even tries to drag ‘his’ toy basket through the doggy door, but rather than play with the toys, he prefers to carry them around, keep them company, or rest his head on them — as he does with wayward laundry and the occasional shoe. Lenny worries a little if his canine housemates get too close to him when he’s got ‘his stuff,’ but he’s beginning to learn that nobody wants ‘his stuff,’ except maybe when his foster mom asks for her slippers, flip flops, and laundry which he willingly agrees weren’t really his in the first place.

Because Lenny likes to announce when he’s happy, that people are around, that other dogs are barking, or just that he’s alive, his foster mom thinks he would do best in a single-family home, but a townhouse or apartment with solid walls would probably be okay too. He does very much enjoy hanging with ‘his girl’ Betty in the fenced yard.

Lenny’s favorite place to sleep is on materials he can scrunch up (those perfectly positioned accent rugs make sense now!), and he’d probably be crazy in love with his own blanket, but he thinks doggy beds are nice too — especially for hiding toys; furniture seems to be beneath him, so your favorite spot on the sofa is safe.

He’s great in the car and on walks and agreeably goes into the crate at bedtime, when his foster mom has to leave, and just when he feels like it. Except for occasionally reminding everyone the toy basket is ‘his’ (his canine housemates really don’t care about it at all), he knows that potty breaks should be taken outside.<[p> Lenny is an easy boy who lets his foster mom sleep in and do her remote work in peace; loves to take loooong naps; and not surprisingly, gets really excited for food. His foster mom thinks he would do well solo or with another low-key dog or two. Lenny recently received heartworm treatment for which he’s still taking some medication to keep him from coughing, but we expect to see continued improvement over the next few months. All-in-all, you would be lucky to have a Lenny in your life!

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posted 06/22/21