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Name:   Tiny Charles  
Description:   ~ 8 yrs old ~ 26 lb ~ fostered in Waldorf, MD ~

Tiny is a hilarious galumph who excels at snuggles and car rides. She can still get a bit growly if there is food around, but much better now that she's feeling so much better. She's only allowed one eye because it's so beautiful that if she had two we'd all just melt at the sight of her gorgeousness. She's also nosy as heck and just goes where she wants, in the shortest distance possible. Whatever she has to go thru she will. She's 100% nose. And while out of town, she *really* wanted to nest in my suitcase. Even when I put Mom's laundry basket in her way. Oh - and she snores. She basically does everything loudly. Lick herself, snore, drink water, sniff... All of it. So loud. She'd really love being an only dog with someone around all the time and someone who doesn't move too fast.

She had glaucoma in one eye and we had to remove the eye because she was in constant pain. She has one good eye left.

posted 05/24/21 and updated 08/23/21