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Name:   Buddy Granville  
Description:   ~ 28 lb ~ 5 yrs old ~ temp fostered in Pasadena, MD ~

Buddy the beagle is the epitome of a friendly guy! Wherever his people are, that is where he wants be, snuggled up beside you. He enjoys playing fetch, long walks, any dog toys are a joy for him, and so far so good with the potty training. We take him out every couple of hours, so no accidents in the house.

He would love to cuddle up in bed with you at night. (So far we have kept him crated just because one of our dogs gets moody in the evening and we are trying to avoid conflict. He barks for about 10 minutes then goes to sleep.) He is quite athletic, able to jump onto high beds and enjoys "counter surfing" to try and get any goodies too close to the edge of a table or counter top. He might be able to climb a 4 ft chain link fence. He would be safest with a privacy fence.

He gets along very well with other dogs. He wants to be friends with cats, but plays too rough for their taste. He would do well in a home with children past the toddler stage (he will try to grab food out of your hand, so probably best for him to go to a home with children over the age of 6).

He has Heartworm disease and we will pay for the treatment.

posted 06/08/21 and updated 06/14/21