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Name:   Raj Hughes  
Description:   ~ 5 yrs old ~ 37 lb ~ fostered in Glen Burnie, MD ~

Leggy beagle

Raj gets along well with my personal dogs and all my friends dogs. I even had him going to doggie daycare with me at my last job and kept him in an employee pet yard (so small groups) and he loved it. He loves going to dog parks and for walks too! We’ve even taken him to the dog beach and on the boat and he is really just down for whatever as long as he is with people. He also loves to be outdoors and just sunbathe. We always catch him snoozing on our deck catching some sun.

He LOVES to snuggle and likes to be the little spoon when we go to bed haha. He is more content being kenneled when he is left alone, I think he has some separation anxiety. But I normally give him a chew or a “crate treat” as I call them, and he goes right in and lays down to enjoy his snack. He is super food motivated and gets very excited for treats and his meals.

He also likes to play which is becoming more of his main qualities. He likes to just lay on the sofa with a squeaker or play fetch, although he doesn’t always bring them back. He likes to collect them all on his bed so he has a good variety to choose from.
posted 05/17/21 and updated 08/23/22