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Name:   Josie (formerly Becky Columbia)  
Description:   ~ 3 yrs old ~ 30 lb ~ fostered in Potomac Falls, VA ~

Offering free boarding/daycare at Healthy Hound Playground if you have another dog(s) that join.

If you are looking for a young, playful, affectionate 30lb dog, look no further – Josie is your girl.

Josie is an all-around great dog – she absolutely loves human attention, will curl right up with you, and loves for you to give her affection and interactive playtime. She also loves to play with toys and will gladly run away with a stuff animal you offer up to her. Josie is also a dog’s dog. She does extremely well with other dogs. She loves to run around and play in daycare, but she’s also at an age where she will curl up and just hang out on the couch.

Jose is great with bigger kids/preteens (ages 12+). She does have a fear of small children. Another thing to know about Miss Josie is that she does have separation anxiety. Josie does best in routine oriented multi-dog households where she has other dog(s) that she can look to for guidance on behavior. For example, at our home where we have 4 dogs, Josie follows the pack when it’s time to go potty outside in a fenced in backyard, when it’s time to eat, and when it’s time to go to sleep for the night. She is fine in a crate while other dogs are around…until she earns trust to be able to get more “free range” time. She might whine a bit in the beginning, but will stop when you tell her “No” a couple of times.

You may ask, well, why don’t we just keep Josie? While this was definitely considered, unfortunately our house ‘limit’ is two dogs, and we currently have four. We also think that Josie’s personality is so fabulous, that it will not be long before she finds a family to bless with her love and cuddles.

Although Josie has not had any accidents in our home, she has had accidents when spending the night with others, and has not been leash walked/potty trained. A fenced in backyard and frequent potty breaks will be ideal for Josie. If you leave the house, she will not pee in a Josie sized crate . If you don’t have a fenced in backyard, you will likely need to work with a trainer on potty training (read on!). We should also note that Josie is used to being on beds and couches from a prior adoption (that didn’t work out due to her fear of small children).

Josie’s new adopter will need to put time and effort into integrating Josie into her new home, and will need to provide love, discipline, and structure. Our trainer, Isaac Terrell of has volunteered to provide gudiance to Josie’s adopter on how to deal with any adverse behavior as she adjusts to her new digs.

posted 01/16/22 and updated 01/31/22