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Name:   Mila Edgecombe (now Sadie)  
Description:   ~ 7 yrs old ~ 24 lb ~ fostered in Arlington, VA

Mila is a gorgeous girl, isn't she? She joined us in April from North Carolina, which seems to be the Heartworm Capitol of the South. Vet appointments in the age of Covid being what they are, we are awaiting an appointment to treat it... in June. She's not quite ready for Prime Time until we've got her health under control, but while we wait, you should know that she fell quickly into place in her foster home. She ADORES her humans and her two canine foster brothers. She's a cuddler extraordinaire, following the bipeds around and tries to sit next to them even if it's the smallest of spaces. She is affectionate and delightedly makes all kinds of happy noises when greeted in the morning.

Food being one of her Favorite Things, she's a bit bouncy at mealtime and her foster mom is working on teaching her to be more patient. It's a work in progress, as is house training. She hasn't quite gotten the hang of toys yet, but she pays close attention to what the other dogs are doing with them. She's totally enjoying the sofa, the beds and soft blankets. She knows that the treats come faster when she does (a rudimentary) sit.

She is happy on walks, tail in full wag, nose to the ground, forming a pack with her 2 foster brothers immediately. She loves to just keep going to the next sniff stop. Any interruption to chat with a neighbor will be cut short with “why do we have stop here?” bark, a beagle can only sniff one spot for so long… So far, she's 90% house trained, getting better every week!

Posted: 5/19/21