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Name:   Duchess of Charles  
Description:   ~ 18 lb ~ 11 yrs old ~ fostered in Timonium, MD ~

Part of a bonded pair with the Duke of Charles

They're doing okay. They're very different personalities. I wouldn't be surprised if they've never had a bath. The Duchess is wild and wooly, perpetual motion, I think she has ADHD. She seems incredibly happy, everything is a joy for her. She has twice dumped the kitchen trashcan and spread the contents all over (it is now on the kitchen counter). On a walk, she pulls me along and zigzags back and forth. She is a loudmouth. Academy says she is age 11, but I wouldn't be surprised if she is younger, I will be interested to hear the vet's guess. On the other hand, the Duke is sedate. Doesn't say much and is content to snooze. On a walk, he just creeps along and would rather go home, but he likes to greet every person and dog on the route. When a person or dog has passed by, even if they're on the other side of the street, he insists on staring after them. Sometimes he lies down and licks his paws. I think part of the problem might be his feet, I think they hurt, his pads are swollen and squishy, but the Doxy is supposed to help that.

They didn't bother the cat. They need a new spot as of 3/15/21. Duchess will need someone who can take her to our vet for mammary tumor removal and spay.
posted 03/05/21