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Name:   Dixie Charles  
Description:   ~ 4 yrs ~ 25 lb ~ fostered in Linthicum Heights, MD ~

Dixie is a red and white beagle approximately 3-4 years old weighing approximately 24-25 lbs. She has beautiful light eyes and a brown adorable nose! Her beginning years have not been kind. She was given the boot from her only home for barking too much at the new guy. From there she was given away and she lived for months out on a chain. An angel came and rescued her from the cold and Dixie spent time in their barn until a rescue organization (thank you BRSM!) could come get her. Dixie barked at strangers but she wasn’t aggressive just scared. Who could blame her?

Fast forward and Dixie is now in foster care with us. She was nervous with our dogs and cats so we kept them separated for a while. She now hangs around with everyone but we can see on her walks, she is nervous with other dogs (pulls away). She’s great with our pack though! She also shies away from strangers and she will bark from our window if a stranger goes by. Not always but sometimes.

Some things to know. The way to her heart is treats. What did you expect? She’s a beagle! She became more trusting with us and even though she would bark at us a first, she would come out for those treats. Within a few days to a week, she finally got it. She’s safe, secure, and getting the love she deserves. She loves attention from us. She’s even dropped and rolled for belly rubs! That’s some real trust there! Some things still spook her a bit but we see the progress! She played with her first toy the other day It was awesome seeing her tail wag! We noticed loud noises spook her a little. She is a country girl so she’s not used to suburb living yet. We aren’t too sure but deep voices loud noises seem to spook her a bit too. We are still evaluating that a bit.

Dixie would probably do better in a quieter home. She could do with or without animals. She is learning manners with our little beagle boy. She tries to play or dominate him and well, he is just too darn sweet to say no. She is trying to get our boys to play and they just aren’t too sure LOL. One thing is for sure. Dixie is a real sweetheart once you get to know her. Rubs, kisses, she just wants a place to feel loved and secure again.

How about rescuing this sweet girl!
posted 02/22/21 and updated 03/01/21