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Name:   Jon Snow  
Description:   ~ 25 lb ~ 1.5 yrs ~ fostered in Glen Burnie, MD ~

He is SO sweet. Very cuddly. He likes to be around you all the time. He is definitely a chewer. Luckily he loves toys though so we just swap out whatever he isn’t supposed to have with a toy and he’s happy. He has a beautiful merle coat.

We’ve been letting him sleep in bed with us and he’s done well. He is good in his kennel too though. He does fine with my cats. Occasionally he’ll chase them but it’s mutual and they both understand it’s a game. And he is great with dogs. Doesn’t really bark except when he’s super excited to go outside and run around the yard. We haven’t had a single accident since we had him so I was super impressed with that. We have surround sound with our tv and that makes him nervous. So I’m going to guess he is afraid of loud noises.

He’s a really great dog. He likes to play and snuggle. He’s a little needy with attention but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
posted 02/12/21