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Name:   Della Gilroy  
Description:   ~ 3 to 5 yrs old ~ 22 lbs ~ fostered in Crofton, MD ~
Della is a very petite, 3 year old discarded hunting dog. Despite the mistreatment she has received in the past, Della remains sweet, gentle and loving.

Della is very shy at first meeting. It will take time for her to warm up to new people, but once she does, she is eager to be near them either on the bed or the couch. Della would thrive in a home with another confident dog to follow and learn the ropes from. She loves to snuggle with her foster doggy sister and follows her around wherever she goes. She doesn’t mind being picked up and carried and welcomes belly rubs and snuggles.

Della is housebroken but would benefit from frequent potty breaks as if she was a puppy. Because of her past she is just learning what most dogs learn as a puppy so she needs more of the puppy treatment in terms of extra potty breaks and keeping wires up where she can’t access them. She does not chew on furniture or anything like that, but a pencil left within access is fair game and potentially viewed as a toy.

Della walks well on the leash and is learning to go to the bathroom on the leash. Typically she prefers to do “her business” in the fenced in back yard.

Della is looking for a calm home (no rough and tumble children) with a patient human who knows that she needs encouragement and praise to earn their trust. Shouting or strong harsh discipline will traumatize her and will not work well. She is still learning about indoor life and some things are still new and startling for her - the garbage disposal or the TV are sometimes scary but she doesn’t mind the vacuum at all!

Della eats well and is overall a very healthy pup! She just needs someone to give her a chance to get to know her. Because of her shy nature she tends to get overlooked by potential adopters, but is hoping to find that special person who can be her forever family.

Here's a link to a video of Della's most unusual yodeling. click to see the video

posted 01/20/21 and updated 02/10/21