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Name:   Cleo St Mary  
Description:   ~ 15 months old ~ 37 lb ~ beagle/shepherd mix ~ fostered at Healthy Hound Playground in Sterling, VA ~

Part of a Bonded Pair, with Doc St. Mary

Doc (male/yellow) and Cleo (female/tri-color) came into our foster care in January 2021. They are 1 year, 5 month old siblings that have grown up together in a home. Their original owner had to move out of state and were unable to take them, so we have been fostering them until they find their forever family.

Since this delightful pair are bonded, we will be adopting them out together. They are extremely social and love being around other dogs, and both are doing very well in daycare.

Cleo is a loyal friend who plays hard, and naps even harder! She's the more hound-like of the two. She's the first one to wake up in the morning, and is very vocal about wanting breakfast! She's responsive to commands, and quickly quiets down when asked. She has her nose glued to the ground when walking, determined to sniff every blade of grass. She's sometimes a bit of a stickler about sharing, but her days in daycare are quickly teaching her proper manners. Cleo loves belly rubs.

Doc is a goofy boy who's only concern in the world is how many times he can kiss you on the face. He's always standing up on something - your leg, a bench, the kennel door - he likes to be tall! Doc loves searching for little things on walks he can pick up and carry with him, as souvenirs. He'll even pick up icicles! Doc was a natural player in the playroom from the start, and only lays down as long as it takes for another dog to ask him to play. He likes to dance and hop around on his walks, and would love a yard he could do zoomies in! Doc loves to be held.

Doc and Cleo cuddle together at bedtime and if one is removed from the room, they'll call to each other. They are both medium energy and love human attention. They can't wait to have a family of their own!

posted 01/14/21 and updated 02/28/21