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Name:   Dusty Charles  
Description:   ~ 8 yrs old ~ 30 lbs ~ Fostered in Lutherville, MD ~

Dusty is a perfect gentleman! He is quiet, well mannered and VERY handsome. He walks well on lead (trots, really), stopping to retrieve messages from the trees and poles he passes along the way. He is fairly non reactive to other dogs on his walk, but will bark if someone comes along who might want to play. Dusty considers himself a lap dog, and enjoys a good massage. He loves his ears rubbed, his belly, back and neck rubbed and sometimes goes to sleep mid-massage. He then gets up and moves to the next available lap. After he's exhausted all chances of another massage, he goes to his couch to rest up from the exertion.

Since the recent snows, he's loving doing zoomies in the yard. He's very smart and knows where the treats are kept. He's not one to turn down a snack. He comes flying in from the yard, ears waving madly when Foster Dad whistles. He's able to hold his bladder overnight and is just an all around good boy. He enjoys being awoken by petting and rubbing. Dusty was born to be a spoiled house dog. We're so glad he's getting the chance!

Dusty is heartworm positive and will begin his treatment at the end of February. He will make an excellent companion for any family, but we think he'd just excel in a senior home. He's low maintenance. He's got enough energy to be fun, but truly shines at napping.

If you'd like to contribute to Dusty's heartworm fund, there is a Donate button on our homepage. We don't need the money, but our vets do.

Posted: 2/15/2021