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Name:   Max Arundel  
Description:   ~ 38 lb ~ 5 yrs old ~ fostered in Annapolis, MD ~

Max was timid and nervous about unfamiliar surroundings and sounds when he first arrived to his foster home, but he has started to thrive with patience, routine, and gentleness. He is an incredibly sweet and friendly dog who seems to love every person and dog he meets. He's a smart boy who has picked up on simple commands and - fingers crossed - appears housetrained (Max hasn't had an accident indoors yet).

Max loves walks - short walks around the neighborhood and longer hikes through the woods - but he is learning to potty on-leash, so a fenced yard appears to be a must for Max. He's shown interest in toys and has enjoyed playing chase with his hound friend Kori, especially with a ball or stick in his mouth. One of Max's favorite things to do is burrow and nest underneath a pile of blankets in his dog bed. He loves scratches and belly rubs, and is generally a sweet, gentle little dude.

Max shows signs of separation anxiety, and has needed extra patience and comfort through some "scary" experiences, like riding in the car. (We've learned he settles down if he can sit in his dog bed on the back seat.) In addition, his previous owners indicated Max has a history of mild seizures - foster mom is monitoring closely for seizure activity.

Max has a tenative adoption pending, but circumstances have delayed that until February.
posted 12/20/20 and updated 01/03/21