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Name:   BigDaddy Hughes (now Merl)  
Description:   ~ 25 lb ~ 8 yrs old ~ fostered in Baltimore, MD ~

This 8 year old "senior" boy with a puppy heart will steal yours when you meet him. He's been in his foster home for a couple of weeks now and they find him the perfect dog. Buddy (Big Daddy) is beagle through and through. His nose is always to the gorund and he has yet to meet a person or dog that he does not like. He patiently sits waiting to be recognized and then comes to you for an ear scratch. He notices and acknowledges other dogs on a walk if they are calm, but ignores the ones who bark and lunge. His nose and sociability make his walks more of a stroll, but he's enjoying life now for what is probably the first time, so who can complain?

Buddy loves being out in the yard where he patrols for those ever elusive rabbits. So far he does not dig or look for escape routes. He's very smart. He is learning to come when called and is starting to recognize a few commands such as "sit," and "shake." His new routine is to go for a walk around 10:00 a.m. and once he is leashed and harnessed, he heads for the gate on his own. Now that he is feeling safe and secure, he has started doing zoomies in the yard and is thoroughly enjoying the life of a pampered house pet.

Curiously, Buddy is not in a big hurry to eat. He'll give his breakfast a taste, but saves it until after his walk. He does eat dinner when served. Perhaps he's just not a morning kind of guy! Special treats such as Busy Bones are promptly hidden in the sofa cushions where they will be safe. Toys are a big meh. He loves to sleep with his blanket on the love seat. He is quite curious and loves to check things out. Buddy loves affection and is always happy to see you, softly whining and occasionally baying. He is terrific in the car. He has pretty good house manners, too. Buddy is such an affable love bug. We think he'd be a great addition for almost any family. He was quick to fit into the household routines. One of life's little pleasures for Buddy is patrolling the yard several times a day for rabbits and squirrels. He's never caught one, but the joy is in the hunt. His foster mom wants him to always have this simple joy, so Buddy needs a fenced yard. Posted: 12/14/2020


ORIGINAL POST It's obvious that Big Daddy has had a hard life, but he is very loving. He's got some skin issues that should resolve with being inside and cared for. His ears have been terribly flea/fly bitten, so he's missing hair in places. Hard to believe how sweet he is when you look at him and realize he probably has been in a very small crate unable to get up much. He didn't care about playing as much as he just wanted to be near me and on me. He needs a bath and his teeth are horrible. He will be the jelly to someone's PeanutButter... Like glue.

"BigDaddy" really likes to talk to you!! seriously sweet! Posted: 11/19/20