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Name:   Rowdy Hughes  
Description:   ~ 7 yrs ~ 49 lbs hound mix ~ fostered in Sterling, VA ~

Cuddly Black and Tan Coonhound

Free Daycare & Boarding for Life at Healthy Hound Playground for Rowdy in Sterling, VA*

Looking for someone to cuddle with on these cold winter nights? His name is Rowdy and he’s your man. Rowdy is six years old and would make a loving, loyal companion to his future human(s). He also gets along very well with other pups and would happily have a brother or sister - or be an only dog. We think he could go either way.

He loves to follow scents outside and to go on walks, but he also loves curling up in a bed or next to a human inside. He is medium energy – there are times in the day when he is high energy, and there are times when he just like to lay around.

Rowdy does well in day care, has many friends among his peers and was an instant hit with the staff. Rowdy also does very well on car rides and will either sit quietly in a crate, lie down in the back, or enjoy some fresh air if you roll the window down for him (preferred). He will happily go with you on errands and sleep when he can’t go in a store.

Other than cuddling, Rowdy’s favorite things are stuffed animals and toys, bones to chew on, kibble, and squirrels. Being a coonhound, Rowdy loves to chase them and will occasional bay when he notices one walking by the window. However, Rowdy does not bark every time the amazon truck pulls up like other hounds we know.

Rowdy is very smart and has a very strong nose. He can sniff treats out a mile away. He is likely very trainable and responds when he is told no.

*Holiday boarding reservations on a case by case basis and must be made 2 weeks in advance.
posted 11/04/20 and updated 12/31/20