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Name:   Rollie Westminster (now Jack)  
Description:   ~ 6 yrs old ~ 25 lbs ~ Fostered in Baltimore, MD ~ JRT/Beagle Mix

This happy boy, so full of life and fun, was part of a cruelty seizure. The first 6 years were tough ones. Now a robust 25 lbs, he weighed 15 at shelter intake. Kudos to the caring shelter staff who worked with him and loved on him and provided nutritious food, a soft bed and toys. He loves toys! Understandably he can be shy and defensive at first, but quickly warms up.

A harness is a must for Rollie.

UPDATE 12/9/2020: We received this ringing endorsement from his foster mom: "I freaking love this dog. And everyone who comes across him loves him. He is 100% stinking adorable.

He is improving EVERY day!! He’s getting far more comfortable with strangers by the minute. He used to sit in my window and bark when he saw another person. Now, unless it is a person with a dog (and my dogs are barking too) or it is a delivery person approaching the house, he is totally chill. He still loves people watching but it doesn’t upset him the way it used to. He’s also really improving on walks. We’re at the point where he basically ignores people, and most other dogs too. And he is a TOTAL snuggle bug. Just wants to be with you all the time.

His personality is WAY more Jack Russell than beagle. In fact, I’ve started calling him Jackie because it started with Jack rabbit and then shortened. He totally gets the zoomies. He loves playing with toys, other dogs, people, just LOVES it. Loves the attention. Sleeps on his back 50% of the time. He also gets along amazingly well with both my dogs, and my lab is a pain. And he has had some interactions with the cat and he’s gently curious but mostly just ignores.

I think if someone wants a typical beagle he’s not that. He’s more hyper and more yippie than a beagle, though has the complete sweetness of a beagle. He’s also a big burrower. Blankets, beds, you name it!

Rollie is not a great choice for a first time dog owner, so we will insist that his next and final home have dog experience and another friendly, playful dog in residence. Rollie is not particularly high maintenance, but his JRT genes demand that his human be on their game.

Posted: 11/3/20 and updated 11/19/20