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Name:   Rollie Westminster  
Description:   ~ 6 yrs old ~ 25 lbs ~ Fostered in Baltimore, MD ~

This happy boy, so full of life and fun, was part of a cruelty seizure. The first 6 years were tough ones. Now a robust 25 lbs, he weighed 15 at shelter intake. Kudos to the caring shelter staff who worked with him and loved on him and provided nutritious food, a soft bed and toys. He loves toys! Understandably he can be shy and defensive at first, but quickly warms up.

Rollie was definitely not himself when he got here on Day One. On that day, he was withdrawn and disinterested in everything. I think he may have been still in pain from his neuter.

He became more himself the next day after a good night’s sleep. I made him breakfast using kibbles mixed with some scoops of canned food and a bit of water and he scarfed it all down.

I was afraid he’d be not house trained but he’s very good with holding it in. WARNING: Do not walk him on a leash near any corners or else he’ll mark it. Otherwise he doesn’t pee at all in the house - he’s very good at controlling it. I’ve been taking him out every 4-5 hours as a matter of personal habit - so far so good.

He’s either all amped up or completely zonked out. If you get up and walk around, he perks up and thinks you’re about to take him out. When you’re about to head out he’ll stand up on his haunches while you’re getting ready. He LOVES going for walks. I thought maybe long walks would calm him down, but no. He pulls hard from the moment you leave the door until you return. He can use training in this area. A harness is a must for Rollie.

WARNING: Please be sure you have a good, solid grip on the leash. He gets distracted easily and will run and you’d never catch him.

He loves playing tug o war his squeaky toy. If he’s not playing tug o war with you he’s tossing it around and chasing it around the room.

Generally he loves people. When my kids were visiting for the weekend he claimed our teenage daughter as his own. That said, he occasionally forms strong opinions on strangers we pass walking, so allowing strangers to approach and pet him should be discouraged.

So far, he has not been particularly vocal.

Posted: 11/3/20 and updated 11/19/20