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Name:   Sonny Mecklenburg  
Description:   ~ 37 lb ~ 2 yrs old ~ fostered in Hyattsville, MD ~

A beautiful lemon beagle boy, who just arrived today. He is heartworm positive and will need to go through treatment.

Here's one note from his foster mom: He seems so happy to be in a home. This morning I took him for a walk, then breakfast, then pill. I opened the back door and he had the zoomies like crazy -- he was so happy! Now he's sleeping at my feet. Very cute!
Still very much a puppy. "Steals" things like paper towels and shoes, etc., but doesn't chew them. He was so happy when I gave him a bone but I could not get him to chew it. Extreme cuddle bug -- wants to cuddle at all possible moments.

On November 9, some elves sneaked some photos and this little blurb of his foster mom's FB site: Here are some things you should know about me:
*I get along well with other pups
*I sleep through the night in my own bed (but I’d love to join you in your bed)
*I love a good cuddle puddle (see the pic below)
*I like to play with toys
*No accidents in the house!

Since his foster home doesn't have kids we can’t say how he’ll be with children. What we can tell you is that he is quite the lover and snuggler and has shown absolutely no aggression towards any other person or animal. He has met 5 or 6 different people in his time here and played in our yard with our beagles and three other dogs that don’t live here (non beagles). He was friendly to all and spent hours playing and running with the ones who were interested in that.

A fenced in yard will be important, he loves being outside.

For updates about Sonny, check out the Facebook page he shares with his foster companions: Facebook page for some videos, updates on her progress, and more photos

posted 10/20/20 and updated 11/18/20