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Name:   Skylar Edgecomb  
Description:   ~ 8 yrs old ~ 31 lb ~ fostered in Arlington, VA ~

Skylar has been with us for about two months now, and she continues to be the sweetest dog ever! She has all of the kids in the neighborhood wanting to come up and love on her because she is so non-threatening. Whenever we are out, she will set a course to cut people off, and then sit right in front of them looking for pets. Special people, and I am not sure what makes them special, get the full Skylar treatment, where she rolls over at their feet.

She does have some separation anxiety. She is doing much better being left, especially if the other pups are home with her. But, she is still a howling, whimpering mess when left totally alone. She sleeps in the crate, and can even be closed in it, when you are home, but she hates it in there if left in it while no one is home. A window perch so she can rest, while she is keeping an eye out for our return, has done wonders for her level of anxiety.

She is a bit mischievous...she is a little taller and can reach the edges of the kitchen counter. Skylar is very food motivated, and she dances around whenever there is a hint of food in the air. She will climb on chairs, tables, or reach up on counters for food. So care is required for normal food stuffs, as well as something she might think of as food, like granular fertilizer. She doesn’t really chew on things, but she does eat things the things she chews, especially stuffed dog toys.

Skylar still won’t willingly go out our back door onto the deck, which has the steps around the corner. We have to entice her with three pieces of kibble to get her out into the backyard. She will go out the front door, and she has no problem going out when she has visited other homes which have patio doors at grade. And speaking of going out the front door...if care isn’t taken, she will slip out to follow you.

She does well walking on a leash, and seems more interested in looking than sniffing. Except for when she sees a squirrel, she does not pull. She has about five dog friends on our little walk, and she would like to go up to their front doors every time. Excellent recall. But, a little tug to get her moving again is usually all it takes. So far, she hates wearing any kind of harness and will not leave the front sidewalk until I take it off.

She ignored the cats she spent a weekend with. All the neighborhood kids love her because she is so gentle and sweet, sitting right in front of them for pets. She loves sleeping on the couch or on her window perch during the day, and on the dog bed in the bedroom at night. She will hop into bed on occasion, and she is not too much of a bed hog.

Skylar is a sweetheart, with a naughty side, so she will keep you on your toes, that’s for sure. But then, the on switch goes off, and the light snoring commences. I think she would be a great fit for someone who wants a low exercise, high snuggle beagle.
posted 01/03/21