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Name:   Bacall Milton  
Description:   ~ 18 lb ~ 5 yrs old ~ fostered in Springfield, VA ~

She is absolutely adorable. Sweet. Mischievous. Cute. Snuggly. Naughty. Wiggly. Fearless. Nosy. Sadly, she is heartworm positive and needs to go through treatment.

We are working on housetraining, which is going well since she’s rarely more than 2’ from me. She discovered the squeaky toys… there are some now in my bed. She sleeps beside me every night – on a small blanket I put down. She doesn’t venture from that blanket, except to give kisses!

My youngest feline, Pippa, corrected her the other morning. Bacall was a bit too inquisitive and got smacked on the snout. Pippa weighs less than 8# and only has one eye, but is full of spunk! Now Bacall knows to steer clear of her.
posted 10/03/20