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Name:   Jesse Milford  
Description:   ~ 8 yrs ~ 25 lbs ~ fostered in Laurel, MD ~

He's arriving Monday, 8/24. Poor guy got hit by a car. No broken bones, but he got roughed up a bit. His bandages arr off now. At the moment, he's not neutered, so he's sporting a belly band to curb his marking. That will be fixed when he's neutered in early Oct.

His foster mom reports that he loves his foster family, including the dogs. He is jumpy and nervous when new or sudden sounds occur, but he's getting comfortable and playful. Loves belly rubs and he makes his belly available for them.

Not crazy about dog food, but gobbles up ham and bacon that his foster mom is feeding, just to make sure he's getting protein. More to come.
posted 08/22/20 and updated 09/04/20