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Name:   Milo Greenwood  
Description:   ~ 44 lb ~ 5 yrs old ~ fostered in Baltimore, MD ~

He had to be surrendered to Beagle Rescue when his owner was unable to care for him. Milo is a sweetheart. He's a heavy (muscular) dog and we're pretty sure he is mostly beagle. Loves children.

Milo seems to be a wonderful dog. I did have to take Morris (my other BRSM beagle) to the vet Friday morning, and my daughter Katie said Milo whimpered while we were gone. I think it's a one way love affair. Morris does wag his tail when he sees Milo, and they are cordial to each other.

We walk him several times a day, and he is still a real puller, especially if he sees another dog. He also whimpers and jumps around. When he's not out walking, he plays with squeaky toys and naps. He can snore with the best of them. It took Morris several months to sleep deeply enough to snore. We haven't had any issues with toileting in the house or getting into trash or chewing things he's not supposed to (We anticipated all of these behaviors, so the fact he doesn't do them is a nice surprise.)
posted 07/30/20 and updated 08/08/20