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Name:   Keeper Lothian  
Description:   ~ 7 yrs ~ 26 lb ~ fostered in Glen Burnie, MD

Keeper is friendly, gets along with other household dog, and is just an all around good boy. Here are notes from his foster mom:

Keeper has been a really great foster. I was keeping him crated while I was at work. I originally had some issues with marking and accidents But within the last two weeks we have been leaving him out during the day and has been doing well! No accidents. He is pretty good about going to the door when he needs to go out but generally he is fine with just when we wake up, before we leave for work, when we get home, after dinner and before bed.

Had one issue of chewing but only happened that one time and my husband had put his toy bin in the other room so he didn’t have any toys. He LOVES toys. Just carries them around with him. It’s so cute. He isn’t quite sure how to share them with people, a lot of times if I try to join in the play he just gets nervous and drops it. But we’re making progress and now if I kinda squeak it and “psst psst” with it he gets excited.

Also is very much a “dog’s dog”. I have a coonhound and Keeper always wants to be with him. Likes to even lay on top of him when he can get away with it haha.

He likes going for walks, but he does get tired so short ones are better. Our normal ones are about two miles and he’s worn halfway through. And as expected, lots of sniffing. So it’s slow paced. He pretty much just likes to hang around. Not too high energy or needy. He gets the zoomies like once a day and does his laps and then back to relaxing or playing with his toys.

He likes treats and is very food motivated. He will try to eat my other dogs food occasionally if his bowl is set down first and will get a little defensive if my dog tries to take it back. But I just feed them at separate sides of the room and they do fine that way.

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Posted: 07/24/20 and updated 09/26/20