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Name:   Maggie Lothian  
Description:   ~ 11 yrs old ~ fostered in Potomac, MD ~

Maggie is a very special, pure breed girl. She is registered with the American Kennel Club and used to compete in field trials, but now she is retired. Unfortunately her previous owner became too sick to take care of her and two other Beagles, so the family asked BRSM for help. Maggie is a very sweet and easy going girl with a velvety soft coat. She enjoys the company of other dogs and shows no food aggression or other. She also does not mind that her foster brother wants to be no. 1 and keeps photo bombing her pictures or gives her sloppy kisses. She is just a real patient sweetheart who likes taking things slow, sniff around and get some pets and belly rubs, and of course like all Beagles, she likes a good meal. Maggie will probably also be happy to be the only dog in the house since she is not interested in playing at this point but she is still new so things may change.

Here's a link to a montage of Maggie. click to see the video

posted 07/22/20 and updated 01/25/21