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Name:   Lily Tarboro  
Description:   ~ 7 yrs old ~ 20 lb ~ fostered in Springfield, VA ~

Lily the cute-as-a-button Beagle hit a rough patch a few months ago when she was found wandering the streets. All that is behind her now, having been spayed and teeth cleaned, and enjoying her foster home with three other dogs and 14 cats. She loves to snuggle with the other dogs, often sharing the couch or a dog bed. Her foster mom writes that bringing Lily into the house was the easiest transition she’s seen in almost 20 years of doing rescue.

Lily also takes treats gently. As with most Beagles, she is very inquisitive and has discovered how to get to the cat bed – often sharing it with a cat – in the kitchen window, affording a view of the neighborhood. Lily also likes going to walks through the neighborhood – tail up and nose down!

She is a little vocal when left alone, but never any destructive behavior. So maybe no apartments or condos if the family usually go to work and leave her alone. This little girl is a sweet, sweet baby!
posted 09/04/20 and updated 09/05/20