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Name:   Hannah Rose Wicomico  
Description:   ~ 13 yrs ~ 32 lb ~ fostered in Baltimore, MD ~

Sweet girl was found tied to a pole at a gas station and a good Samartan brought her home for a couple days before taking her to the shelter, and she got along well with her pugs and her pit. Another volunteers took her home and she got along great with his two beagles, but not with the Pomeranian. But apparently the Pomeranian is really feisty and went to snap at her and Hannah Rose, the beagle, snapped back. So I think it would depend on the situation, owner, and other dog.

We've heard that she has a high grade heart murmur and tumors, but you wouldn't know it on how she acts physically. She hasn't been to our vet yet. She is just settling into a foster home as I write this.
posted 06/30/20