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Name:   Helen Warren (now Chips)  
Description:   ~ 3 yrs old ~30 lb ~ beagle mix ~ fostered in Baltimore City, MD ~

Helen arrived in rescue in June, but had to have surgery to repair an old injury to her rear leg. She did and she's ready for the world now. A lovely girl, very sweet.

She does get along well with other dogs! She hasn't been around cats, but she chases birds in the yard so I don't know how that would go. Helen and a resident male beagle have some personality issues, but it's exclusive to them, and he started the "you can't get on the couch" thing first. That said, she and he are side by side chewing bones on the couch together right now. She and the resident female LOVE each other and spend half the day wrestling and romping around.

She LOVES to go in and out the back door all day long - I'm sure she would learn to use a dog door quickly, as long as the yard is very secure. She hasn't shown an interest in jumping or escaping, however she is very strong and you never know in a new environment. She is a fast learner and since recovering has learned "sit" and "down" and "off" and "leave it". She needs some leash work. She is a total hound, very dynamic.
posted 06/07/20 and updated 01/05/21