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Name:   Hogan Hughes  
Description:   ~ 12 yrs old ~ 18 lb ~ fostered in Gaithersburg, MD ~

Little dude is on borrowed time, but in good spirits and seems to feel okay.Our vet said there's no surgical option for removing the ulcerated mass -- he wouldn't have any face left, plus the lesion is likely malignant. If it's malignant, there’s a good chance it's metastasized anyway. He also has one testicle much larger than the other that’s very suspicious and some neuro impairment (walking and/or seeing). Could all be related or unrelated. He also has a dislocated hip from long ago. I have to take him back for a recheck on Saturday and bandage swap, so we'll decide on bloodwork then. Unless the lesion on his face miraculously heals, it’s not like more information is needed to understand his condition. He has 2 more weeks of antibiotics and Rimadyl which will help keep him comfortable.

He is SUCH a trooper, though. He spent the weekend exploring the yard – exhaustively – and enjoyed every single second of it! He sleeps like a champ and doesn’t mind the crate. He immediately settles down and falls asleep in my arms when I pick him up.

I wish he had a little more time of the good life, but he doesn’t seem to care. I was in his way yesterday, and he kept bumping into me on purpose – it was obvious I was supposed to move. All I could envision was a 4 year-old boy who had just gotten a toy truck for Christmas – joyfully oblivious of his surroundings – and driving his family crazy by running his new toy truck over everyone while resolutely ignoring each admonishment. He is very much living life in the moment and doesn’t care or even know about the writing on the wall. Makes me sad, but I'm happy he didn't have to end his life wherever he came from.
posted 04/20/20