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Name:   Marge Tarboro (Rosie)  
Description:   ~ 6 yrs ~ 40 lbs ~ fostered in Hyattsville, MD ~

Marge was adopted in April 2020 and returned 6 months later quite a bit heavier and suffering from an exaggerated startle response if unexpectedly roused from sleep. (Barking, but not aggressive.) She has been in her foster home for several weeks now and although she still startles awake roughly sometimes, Foster Mom speaks softly to her to wake her and never tries to move her when she's sleeping... which has minimized the problem quite a bit. There is often no response at all using this tactic. Marge's and Foster Mom's seat of choice is a very small love seat. She questions whether this would even be an issue with a larger sofa. Aside from this little hitch, Marge (Original adopter called her Rosie, and we have continued to do so, as to not confuse her.), is super sweet at all other times and craves affection. There's absolutely nothing in the world Rosie likes better than to be loved on. She is a VERY good girl behavior-wise and has had no accidents in the few weeks she's been back in rescue. She is truly a delight.

Rosie would do best as a companion in a quiet adult household. If she landed in one that would limit her food intake and take her for walks, to help her regain her slimmer, healthier self, so much the better! We would love to see Rosie adopted soon so that she can finally settle down and live out her days of pampered indulgence without fear of being upended yet again. If you are interested in meeting Rosie, please complete an Adopter Profile and email it to

Her original posting from 3/16/2020 :
Marge was rescued from a North Carolina shelter in March. As soon as we got her outside the vet's office she rolled around in the grass to take in belly rubs. She was perfect on the long drive back to Maryland, spending her time looking out the window then falling asleep in the passenger side foot well. We even stopped for a roadside lunch where she enjoyed some treats of her own.

Within a few hours of being home her true personality started to show. She gets along great with her foster sisters and is very good about sharing space and toys. She really is a social dog, taking every opportunity to be with her people. Marge spends most of her day alternating between sniffing around the back yard, laying in on the couch, and cuddling up to humans. On occasion she will get riled up enough to run around with her more active foster sister. However, her favorite thing to do is be around her humans. She is most comfortable sitting next to you while reading a book or watching TV.

Kept to a schedule, Marge is pretty reliable with house training. She is a VERY QUIET dog and rarely makes a peep besides "purring" when its time to settle into bed. She would love to sleep in a human bed, but she does just fine in her own space. So far we have not seen an ounce of aggression from her, even when food is involved. She seems to do very well with new people, always coming over to greet them and request pets. She has met a few kids on walks and has not had any issues.

Overall, Marge is a medium energy dog that would be a great companion for someone who wants an easy going companion. She is equally happy going for a walk, playing in the yard, or just hanging out on the couch. We believe she would be happy as part of a pack or as a solo dog. For a girl who seems like she had had a tough start to her life, she has a great personality and is as sweet as can be.
posted 12/4/20