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Name:   Norma Jean Onslow  
Description:   ~ 6 yrs old ~ 30 lbs ~ fostered in Glen Burnie, MD ~

From the pictures we can tell that she's very interested in food preparation, but the treadmill - not so much.

She's a real sweetheart and rather obedient for a beagle! She'll come when called, stop when you tell her to (most times), sits nicely when you collar and leash her, and behave like a lady on car rides. On the other hand, she will climb over everything to explore, jump to reach tabletops and counters, and stick her snout in everybody else's food bowl!

Oh yeah! She's no shrinking violet. The boys took off barking the other day, and Norma was right behind them, standing at attention in the yard like she was going to back them up! And when one of the dogs gets too close, or keeps following her around, she gives them a sharp howl in warning. She tolerates the other dogs, but doesn't initiate interaction, so she'd be good in a home without canine company.

Norma isn't quite housebroken yet, but she's getting there. She has already picked up on the household routine, too. She has two crates, one for daytime and another upstairs for bedtime. Of course, as she's a Goldilocks dog, she also uses her foster siblings' crates when the mood strikes her.

She has a wonderful disposition and really enjoys being around humans. She's very calm and easygoing. Once we can take her out to meet people, she'll get scooped up quickly!
posted 03/18/20 and updated 04/03/20