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Name:   Little Man Beaufort  
Description:   ~ 18 lbs ~ 1-2 years old ~ Fostered in Rockville, MD ~

Little Man has been in his foster home for about 3 weeks now, and his personality has started to come out. He finally let out that big beagle a-roo about a week ago. Fortunately, he seems to know when the best time is to use it and is very well-behaved when his foster mom goes to work.

Little Man hasn’t lived in a home before, but he’s starting to get used to different sounds like the TV or cars passing by. He’s still trying to figure out who that adorable dog is looking back at him in the mirror though. He’s doing better with other dogs (he used to put his tail between his legs when he saw them) but is still a little skittish around big dogs and people. He seems to be getting more and more comfortable day by day!

He loves to cuddle but also has a lot of energy. Because he’s heartworm positive, he has to be a bit careful with how much he exerts himself. However, he does enjoy zoomies now and then and can occupy himself with different toys. Granted, he’s learning the difference between the toys that are ok like bones and squeaky toys vs paper and laptop/phone chargers, but that’s the life of a youngster!

Little Man would probably do best where he could either be the center of attention or where he has a younger dog to play with. He’s great with his 14 year old beagle sister but doesn’t always understand that he needs to be more careful with her than he would other puppies.

He went to his first adoption event about a week after he first got to his foster home, and while scared, he did very well and enjoyed time on several laps.)

The very bottom two photos are his shelter shots. He cleans up well, don't you think?

Posted 02/02/20 and updated 02/20/20